Digital immortality and your digital twin.


Hello dear Transhumans.

My name is Pavol Kudjak and this is my photo which was inspired by Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam. I stay in quest of creating my digital twin running on Human Operating System and my digital twin which will LIVE forever in cyberspace after my physical body dies. But not only me have digital twin, everyone have or even multiple ones. Google search engine has your digital twin, which try to predict what will you search, Youtube has digital twin which trays to mimic your emotions so Youtube know which music will you probably like. And so on. Nowadays Facebook is creating Metaverse where you will have your avatar. What if we could make a digital self of you and then after your death you will live in same cyberspace with your relatives friends. Think about it.

Connecting the Dots


TW0T01- CONNECTING DOTSToday I’m going to talk to you about connecting the dots.

You can’t connect the dots looking forward.

You can only connect them looking backward.

So what does it means?

We have past and future.

You have past events which determines how your future will evolve. But we can see only 1% of the future which is in our radar screen. If you look backwards you can broader your vision. You can be guided by your past towards your future. What you see in front of you is already past.

How will you connect dots?

You need to turn around and look on your past decisions, experiences, life events…

You need to believe in something and look on your dots to connect them together, which will lead you to the future so you can this way create future.



Cyborgs in the streets

I don’t know how about you… But I’m meeting cyborgs in the streets regularly. If you observe carefully you can find people with artificial legs and arms. So next time watch more carefully. Its most common seen artificial body part. On other hand there are other parts you can’t see, like artificial joints, dental implants, breast implants, pacemakers, insulin pumps and so on. We are unable to see them but they are very common. Millions people use them. Nowadays very common trend is biohacking where people implant magnets and chips to their bodies. We think our bodies are born complete but we are wrong. We can upgrade and modify them. What if we can use brain implants to be smarter, to think and focus sharper.

First real cyborg I have met was Prof. Kevin Warwick. We met in Pilsen at conference about artificial intelligence. He is known for his studies on direct interfaces between computer systems and the human nervous system, and has also done research concerning robotics.