TW0T01 Info

CREATE YOURSELF!!! Human as hardware with no software?


Because you cant change yourself If you don’t see yourself. This analytical and synthetic system will show you visually yourself so you can than better understand yourself and improve yourself. Most of us are Externalist. Blaming others, word, for things what happened to us. We want to make you Internist because everything is going within. We all are have behavioral patterns but we cant change them if we don’t see ourselves and if someone independent will let us know what is wrong, or what should we do better.

We are web based movement and open source platform to serve and learn humankind in heath and wellness. We want to reconnect you with you and move to virtual reality where dreams come true.

We integrate health and high tech science to speed up Evolution of Humankind by integrating various software. Collecting your health, social data etc for your good to help you better understand yourself.

We are monitoring, controlling and improving your health over
Internet with application in real life form of game. Its dynamic
system targeted for every user individually. Its for everyone who want
to know more about them. We highly focus on prevention and human wellbeing, to live fulfilling live.